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About Us

Welcome to Maxwell Synovè Photography - where every moment is captured with passion and artistry.

Though we're a budding enterprise, our enthusiasm for what we do is boundless. Rooted in the strong foundation of family values and collaborative effort, our heart lies with our star photographer and co-owner, Krystian.

Krystian isn't just the lens through which we see the world; she is the spirit and the narrative behind every shot. With diverse experiences stemming from her time in Germany and Italy, Krystian brings an unparalleled depth of appreciation for art to the table. Her unique style, shaped by these European escapades, mirrors the subtle intricacies of global artistry.

But that's not all. As a proud US Army Veteran and a company firmly grounded by Black, LGBTQ women, we bring a perspective that's as unique as the memories we help you capture. We specialize in branding, portrait, glamour, headshots, and event photography. Our mission? To truly understand your vision and make it shine in every frame.

The true essence of our work, however, is drawn from Krystian's personal inspiration. Her journey into photography was fueled by the joys of motherhood, capturing the unscripted moments of her boys as they navigate the wonders of life. It's this love for capturing life's fleeting moments that drives us every day.

Connect with us, and let's immortalize your stories together.

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